A Master Perfumer

Christophe Laudamiel is a Master Perfumer, based in New York City, who has co-created top-10 scents for Houses such as Polo Blue for men by Ralph Lauren, Happy Heart by Clinique, Fierce by Abercrombie & Fitch, DeadofNight by strangelovenyc and other scents for the likes of Beyoncé, Helena Christensen, Tom Ford or Tommy Hilfiger.

He concentrates on designing refined scent sculptures for major hotels, retailers and museums around the world such as AirQ, Hotel Americano, Armani, Belstaff, Bliss, Grand Hyatt, Hard Rock Hotels and Casinos, Lacoste, Mercedes-Han Sung, New Balance, Kempinski, Olivier&Co, Paciotti, Visionnaire and more.  

He is known for his avant-garde work, establishing a trail of signature, high-end fragrances of all kinds.


Perfumery is an Art

Christophe is the only perfumer worldwide with scents entered officially in collections such as the International Perfumery Museum in Grasse, the Cleveland Museum of Art and currently temporary in exhibit at the Culture Museum in Basel.  

He is also the only perfumer represented by 2 art galleries, leading to five solo shows in three years strictly devoted to olfactory art: Dillon in New York City and Mianki in Berlin, Germany. He also made and scent-jockeyed the 30-plus scents for scent opera Green Aria at the Guggenheim Museums and with colleague Christoph Hornetz the 15 scents for the book and movie “Perfume, the story of a murderer”.

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