L’Art du Soin is a poetic experience, a sensorial product line designed for the well-being of both the body and soul.The fruity sparkle of bergamot, the tangy zest of green mandarine, and the citrusy, honey-kissed taste of neroli. A fabulous fushion of freshness that awakens the body and stimulates the mind, echoing the invigorating waterfalls of Calabria. The bright scent of orange blossoms, like a morning breeze, refreshes the sleeping skin, leaving it soft and replenished.



A tribute to the mythological love between Eros and Psyche, which gave birth to a little girl called Hedone (Delight)... This legend is transformed into a fragrance thanks to the aroma of musks. Fleur de Peau's beating heart, they gradually become cottony, woolly or soft. Accentuated with iris and ambrette seeds, they reveal their full tactile dimension.

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