12 Oct 2018

Hotels Magazine

La Bottega appears on the October issue of Hotels magazine (page 53) with an editorial about the 25 years of partnership with one of the most important Italian fashion families, the Milanese brand Etro.

Etro is is an Italian fashion house company founded in Milan in 1968 and since then it has remained a family-run company. The maison distinctive features is the famous Paisley motif, the shapely cashmere design rich in history and meaning. The droplet-shaped motif was born out of Mesopotamia, symbolizing the seed of the date palm: the real tree of life.

In the late 1980s Etro launches its fragrances collection enriching the style and the great variety and of existing products. In 1993 is born the partnership with La Bottega and through this collaboration have released five collections, ancillary products and accessories for the global hospitality industry.

Hotels Magazine

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