Inspired from a hike in local gardens, forests and mountains, the apothecary’s private blend was once created. Refined for many years - yet private. The extraordinary fragrance of this journey is dominated by mountain pine and basil, elegantly combined with the tangy fruity notes of grapefruit and juniper. A sensory journey with highly effective essential oils*. Produced in the SAINT CHARLES manufactory and seen in SAINT CHARLES pharmacies, at selected partners and in exclusive hotels around the world. Simply. Being. Private.



The fragrance mixture “Wild roots“ tells the history of European  harmony in the interaction with traditional European medicine in an unmistakable way. It contains rosemary, orange and a hint of lemon. As original as these three ingredients seem, as complex and cautious they have been combined into a “symphony“ of European herbal medicine. Because here too, as in the design and appearance of our products, our credo is not “more“ but “better“.

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