The Group

L'IDEALISTA - La Bottega's creativity

Our creative team reimagines and designs original concepts, driven by a passion to bring your dreams to fruition. We bring client requests to life as products that embody every aspect of the property’s journey.

LA COSMETICA BEAUTY - Bottling liquid dreams

Is La Bottega’s manufacturing factory, where those ideas take shape and become reality. This is where all formulas and liquid cosmetics are created and prepared. Thanks to a very extensive library of essences, fragrances and essential oils, we can blend and create any moment in time, any sense of place, a particular note or a subtle, nuanced emotion. Iso 9001:2000 2210/99/S Certification.  

LA STAMPERIA PACKAGING - Where shapes come to life

At our printing facility, the historic craft transported to the modern age with updated digital technology from setting to pressing. It allows us to print on every suitable medium to complement our product ranges, including paper, cardboard,film, fabric and resins.

They say that getting the story is a story in itself.

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