Jean Paul Guerlain

Jean Paul Guerlain

Jean Paul Guerlain

The Nose

Jean-Paul Guerlain is the fifth perfumer of the eponymous family house. Able to recognize more than 4000 olfactory nuances, he is an ardent defender of the learning work of perfumers who must, according to him, make their scales to claim one day to achieve excellence. For more than 60 years, its perfumes have been inspired by natural products and essences, collected during travels in different parts of the world. Through his demanding daily work, Jean-Paul Guerlain is today one of the most prolific and respected Nose and creator of perfumes in the world.

Through his creations, Jean-Paul Guerlain likes to surprise and innovate. From his vetiver, which he created at the age of 18 and which remains one of the greatest successes and a world reference in perfumery, to more than fifty of the most famous perfumes in the world, to his brand new exclusive personal creations to discover, there are more than 200 extraordinary perfumes, developed with the strictest respect for the world's finest perfumery.

Jean Paul Guerlain

A lover of places, raw materials and travels

Travelling and discovering new places, countries, landscapes, cities or hotels are at the heart of Jean-Paul Guerlain's creative process. Seeing, touching, tasting, smelling... Jean-Paul Guerlain is constantly in search of new sensations. It is this energy drawn from the heart of his travels and encounters that Jean-Paul Guerlain transcribes into the writing of his perfumes, creating new harmonies, unlikely alliances. Beautiful encounters, sometimes improbable, unknown smiles, a graceful female silhouette and a few love at first sight are always at the origin of one of her new creations.

"Creation is a gift of self and sharing, and the only constraints are the limits of my imagination. By selecting the most beautiful natural raw materials from around the world, at the heart of the writing of each of my perfumes, I perpetuate day after day the know-how of my ancestors for whom the requirement of the highest quality has become a true philosophy."

Jean-Paul Guerlain, Paris, April 2019

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