24 Nov 2021

La Bottega and Toiletpaper

The irreverent and always original TOILETPAPER imagery contaminates the world of beauty, giving rise to a series of made-in-Italy products - for every corner of the body and the home – together with the consolidated expertise of La Bottega: TOILETPAPER BEAUTY.

The collection, which radically detaches itself from the traditional aesthetics of the beauty industry, is an unexpected "statement", an invitation to take care of oneself with fun and irony, letting oneself be transported into an ecstatic, fragrant and surreal world, to involve all senses and to stimulate the imagination.

In fact, olfactory creativity and visual narration characterize all the products, whose specificity is told through the study of each element, the design, the fragrance, the packaging: the dreamlike and unsettling images of TOILETPAPER evoke improbable uses, enigmatic situations and visions,  transforming the collection into a real object of desire.

La Bottega and Toiletpaper

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