30 Jan 2020

La Bottega and The Beaumont Hotel

The Considerate Group reports as follows:

The Beaumont Hotel announced its exciting new initiative to introduce plastic free toiletries by adopting a new range of cosmetic products which includes a ground-breaking solid 45g shampoo bar and a solid 45g body wash bar, as well as a body cream and a hair conditioner in fully recyclable aluminium tubes, and a 70g soap, all lightly scented in rose geranium. These practically-packaged, top quality products will be air travel friendly, last longer due to their concentrated formulations, and eliminate plastic packaging, whilst giving guests a pleasurable bath time experience and a memento to take home.

This eco-sustainable cosmetic line is produced by La Bottega in collaboration with the brand D.R. Harris, London’s oldest pharmacy and purveyor of grooming and skincare lines.

La Bottega and The Beaumont Hotel

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