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At La Bottega we care about your guests and their experiences.

When it comes to Dispenser programs, the Hotel Industry’s main concerns gravitate towards bulky wall brackets, high refill operational costs and a pressing hygiene/contamination issue of the liquids.

To answer these concerns, La Bottega has developed a range of non-refillable and tamper-proof dispensers.

A recent study of the University of Arizona warns hotel operators over the vulnerability of refillable dispensers to bacterial growth and the possibility of cross-contamination during the refill process.

Our non-refillable, tamper-proof locked cartridges prevent the risk of liquid contamination for a safer and more hygienic travel experience.


La Bottega presents THE INVISIBLE, a revolutionary dispenser that is flawlessly secured to the wall with no visible bracket in sight. Serigraphic printing on the bottles guarantees long-lasting branding and appearance, whilst a discreet, full-length see-through visible strip allows for a rapid content level check.

The installation is quick and easy, either with two fisher screws or adhesive tape, the system is anti-theft and anti-tamper and the cleaning or replacement of the cartridges is rapid and intuitive.

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The non-refillable META wall bracket system relies on a 316-steel sturdy support, is available in White or Black finish – and fits a single dispenser or a combination of three. It is very easy to install with screws or adhesive strips and guarantees a quick cartridge substitution. The see-through side inspection line allows for a rapid content check.

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