20 Jul 2018

Diptyque Paris

La Bottega introduces a new brand in its portfolio: the legendary and iconic French house of fine perfumery Diptyque. The history began in Paris, in the early sixties, at 34 boulevard Saint-Germain. A number that became the symbol and the essence which identifies and distinguishes this perfumery house with an incomparable style. The elegant timeless oval label contains in the edge what has become over time much more than just a simple address.

The collections offered in our catalogue are animated by a sophisticated and nomadic spirit like all Diptyque creations.

  • Art du Soin is a virtual journey through 5 Mediterranean scenarios collecting in the procuts formula raw matherials, odours notes and dermo-nutritional oils that historically connoted well-being ritual practices in Florence, Aleppo, Cordoba, Alexandria in Egypt and Byzantium.
  • Philosykos, instead, recalls the fig tree in all its glory: the freshness of fig leaves, the green fruit, and the slightly milky sap.

Diptyque Paris

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