Stefano Ricci

Stefano Ricci

Stefano Ricci

Luxury Italian Lifestyle

Stefano Ricci started his business in 1972 as a ties designer. In just a few years, a craft production becomes a business that, while maintaining a strong family imprint, is structured with an international vision and focuses on the continuous pursuit of excellence based on "100% made in Italy”.

The brand was founded with a very clear idea in mind: create products featuring uncompromised quality and exclusivity, with Italian craftsmanship and international taste, dedicated to gentlemen who have the means to purchase anything they like.

Stefano Ricci

Elegance and quality

"Unquestionable elegance goes beyond a refined taste.
It is a lifestyle that flourishes through the excellence of design, questioning the limits of true quality.”

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Forbes: “The family operation is an unprecedented combination, a brilliant team working in cohesion. Together they are creating a primary moment in the history of high-end luxury menswear”.

The New York Times: "After nearly four decades, the Stefano Ricci label has come to occupy a unique place in the fashion firmament. Makers of hypermasculine, hyperexpensive men’s wear and accessories, this tightly held family business has outfitted Kremlin power brokers, Middle Eastern oil scions, celebrities and world leaders."


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