Juliette has a gun

Juliette has a gun

Not a perfume

From NYC to Paris, Moscow or Sidney…Juliette sometimes intrigues, always surprises.

A collection of original eau de parfum, candles and purse fragrances are available among other weapons of seduction.

Launched in 2006, our philosophy is to approach perfumery as an art and to be present only through a limited distribution such as concept stores, department stores or specialized perfumeries.
Luxury, in its spicy and singular version.

Juliette has a gun

Created by Romano Ricci

How come your fate, your genes or whatever name you want to put on, can catch you up and make you become what you were meant to be. It's a story of style, perfume and family ties. Initiated to fashion by his great grandmother Nina and to perfumery by his grandfather Robert (creator of the famous "L'air du temps"), Romano has been surrounded by fashion and creation since childhood.

Romano Ricci runs the "Maison Juliette has a gun" personally, designing products and fragrances himself.

Tradition with a zest of provocation, Romano is restoring perfumes to what they should always be: emblems of style and originality.

Available for bespoke collections.

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