MiN New York

MiN New York

MiN New York

The philosophy

"MiN New York believes better products can enhance our lives." - Chad Murawczyk

A well lived life is nothing more than the collection of well lived moments. Time is our only true asset and how we spend it should be the most important decision of every new moment.

MiN is short for “minutes” because we believe that by improving your moments you improve your life.

Chad Murawczyk, the founder, has been creating objects of desire for the global elite and professional beauty industry since 1999.

MiN New York

What MiN does

MiN creates alchemic collections of olfactory art through hand-crafted candles and fragrances of limited production.

Their products are designed to offer the customers the opportunity to transcend time and place that evoke memories of a wanderlust and exploratory nature.

Each MiN product comes to life through the sourcing and pairing of the finest and purest raw materials on the planet. All the fragrances are carefully blended by master perfumers in Grasse (France) and the vessels are made by celebrated artisans.

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